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Standard Casualty Company is THE premier manufactured housing insurance company in the market because we specialize in manufactured and factory built home insurance. Standard Casualty Company offers an exciting opportunity for independent insurance agents to sell our products to your manufactured home owners.

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If you're a casualty insurance agent or you want to be, why wouldn't you want to work for a company that allows you to offer the most product at an affordable price, a company that backs up its policies to the tune of a 95% satisfaction rate on ALL claims, and a company whose employees, almost half, have been there for ten plus years?


What's that? You do want to work for a company that offers job stability, competence and a great selection of quality coverages in the manufactured or factory built housing market? Even coverages such as fire, flood or EVEN earthquake insurance?


Well, if you're an agent with integrity and hustle, you've come to the right place. Standard Casualty Company is looking for agents that want to partner with us, to grow with us, and to help us help our customers. We're looking for good, hard working honest agents that want to be a part of the growing manufactured and factory built housing marketplace. Think about it. Retirees are one of the largest parts of the manufactured housing market. They are ready to stop working and often want quality housing they can afford, well built housing that offers energy efficiency and some luxury. Manufactured and factory built housing makes sense to these sensible people. Well, the Baby Boomer generation is about to retire the largest work force heretofore known to America. Now is the time to be in the manufactured and factory built housing insurance business. We have a lot of people to help!


If you're that agent, Standard Casualty Company wants to partner with you! Call us today and ask for Kirk Kotylo, Marketing Manager, at 800-522-0146, or contact us to request more information about joining our winning team!


Coverages and Services We Offer


Our Policy Includes flood and earthquake Coverage - Most basic homeowners policies do not cover flood and earthquake damage, and require a separate purchase for these coverages.


Low Deductibles - As low as $500, so if you need to make an insurance claim you won't have to come up with very much money out of pocket.


A Live Person to Answer Your Call - Our professional and courteous associates will provide you with great service. We also have Spanish-speaking associates for your convenience.


We offer full payment, escrowed, and installment plans - We can even spread your monthly payments over 9 months, or if you sign up for our Automatic Payment Program, you can extend your monthly payments over 12 months.


Many ways to pay for your policy - We accept credit and debit card payments, check and credit card by phone, electronic funds transfer, money orders, checks, and on-line payments.

Fast, Fair and Friendly Claims and Customer Service - We are committed to providing all our homeowners insurance customers with superior claims service. Contact us to speak with a friendly claims representative to file your claim.


Senior Discounts – If you are over 50, you need to call us for a great low rate.

We offer discounts on multi-sectional homes used as primary/full-time residences - Got a big house? Your primary residence? We could get you a discount!


Physical Damage Coverage – Physical damage coverage protects your home against direct, sudden and accidental loss or damage. We offer physical damage protection coverage for damages caused by the following events: Flood, Earthquake, Water damage from bursting pipes, Hail, Windstorms, Theft or attempted theft, Fire, Vandalism, Damage to tie down anchoring systems, Explosion, Lightning, Falling objects, and Glass breakage.


Physical Damage limits - From $10,000 to $300,000.


Personal Liability coverage limits - As high as $300,000. As a homeowner, you may be held legally responsible for accidents that happen to someone else on your property. If you choose liability coverage for your manufactured home, you will be protected from losses suffered from personal liability claims. For example, if someone falls while on your property, you could be held responsible for doctor bills, hospital bills, the ambulance ride and the victim's loss of pay. You could be liable for all this before you even get to damages awarded for pain and suffering. This optional liability coverage will protect you from these claims as well as legal fees and other various costs.


Full Time Residence, Rental, and Vacation coverage - Coverage for the way you want to live.


1 to 5 year term policies - To lock in a long term rate.


In Park and Out of Park Coverage - Whether you choose to live on a lot, or out in the open, we can cover you.


Single, Double and Triple Wide coverage - For what ever size home you have.


We insure most manufacturer's homes - We insure most all makes and models.


Mobile Home coverage on owned or leased land - We cover your home whether or not it is located on your land.


We insure coins, other collectibles, and firearms - Most regular homeowners insurance tends to be expensive, restrictive, or just not cover coins, collectibles, and firearms.


Replacement Cost for Personal Effects - Due to theft or damage.


Replacement Cost on Adjacent Structures - Such as decks, sheds, skirting, satellites, and air conditioners.


Our policies include coverage for these often non-covered items:

Additional living expenses

Fire Department services and fees

Emergency removal services

Debris removal

Plants, trees, shrubs and lawns

Radio and TV antennas

Food spoilage (optional coverage)


About the coverages described on this site: Your insurance contract is contained only in your policy, not in this Web site. We customize the policies to meet your specific needs so each contract is different. Your insurance protection may vary from the coverages described here depending on the standard mobile home coverages included in your policy and the optional coverages you choose. The coverages described on this page apply if you use your mobile home as a residence. They do not apply to rental or commercial use. *Coverage may not be available in all areas


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In Texas, Standard Casualty Company reinsures the mobile home owner's policy written through Standard Insurance Agency, Inc. Some policies may be issued through our affiliates. Coverage available in: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. All coverage is subject to your individual policy limitations and exclusions. Please read your policy carefully. It contains the information you need to know. Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Statements