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If You Manufacture Or Sell Factory Built Housing, We Can Save You Money


Standard Casualty Company is the premier property and casualty company specializing in factory built or manufactured housing insurance In Texas and it's neighboring states of Arizona, Georgia and New Mexico. In Texas, Standard Casualty Company re-insures all business written through Southern County Mutual by its managing general agent, Standard Insurance Agency, Inc. Since 2002, A.M. Best has rated us as "Excellent", and we have produced an average combined ratio of 84.9% since 2003.


Since 1961, we have provided comprehensive manufactured home insurance coverage, including flood and earthquake coverage to our customers. If you keep manufactured or modular houses on your lot and you require policies to cover them for any length of time, then you're likely to want to deal with an insurance company that offers stability, excellent service and excellent rates. We offer all these things in spades, plus we promise you something that most companies don't offer, the human touch. When you call us for anything a human being will answer the phone, and they'll point you in the direction of another human being that can help. We offer low deductibles and low premiums. As far as stability goes, nearly half of our employees have been with us for over a decade. Not only do we specialize in manufactured and modular housing insurance policies, we have a skilled, experienced staff that has worked together for years in most cases.


And We Offer Customer Service, Par Excellence


We offer the best in customer service you're going to find, and we can back that up with numbers and statistics beyond our "Excellent" rating by A.M. Best. This past year, to find the effectiveness of our customer service, we started sending out surveys on all claims processed, and have received an excellent rating of 95% by those that matter most, our customers.We even handled every last one of our hurricane Ike claims within 60 days --60 DAYS-- and we maintained our excellent rating average on our customer service surveys at a 95% clip while we processed those claims.


If you own or manage a manufactured or modular housing factory or dealership, obviously you have a number of homes to insure. By going with Standard Casualty Company, you know you have a dependable, affordable insurance company that takes care of claims quickly and effectively if your lot or factory ever needs us! Let us help you grow and retain your customers and revenue.


Standard Casualty Company has the products and people to give your customers the service you expect. To request a quote or just additional information, please contact us or call us at 1-800-522-0146.

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In Texas, Standard Casualty Company re-insures the mobile home owner's policy written through Standard Insurance Agency, Inc. Some policies may be issued through our affiliates. Coverage available in: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. All coverage is subject to your individual policy limitations and exclusions. Please read your policy carefully. It contains the information you need to know. Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Statements