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Published Date: 2020-05-22

Standard Casualty Company is THE premier manufactured housing insurance company in the Texas market because we specialize in factory built housing insurance. If you're a manufactured home insurance agent in the state of Texas, why wouldn't you want to work for the best company in the market? Most of our employees have been with Standard Casualty Company more than a decade. A decade! Don't just think of the job security, ask yourself, why our agents and employees partner with us for so long. It has to do with the fact that we've been doing business in Texas more than forty years.

We offer stability, personalized service, excellent compensation, and a 98% Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) on all claims filed. We offer more coverages than most other companies, flood and earthquake for example. We offer low deductibles, no credit checks and multiple payment options. We're looking for insurance agents who care about their clients, want to believe in the polices they sell, and the companies that they represent. We're looking for partners who want to help build our business. Simply put, we're looking for good, hard working, and honest agents who want to be a part of the ever growing manufactured housing insurance marketplace.

If you're that agent, Standard Casualty Company wants to partner with you! When you represent Standard Casualty Company, you help people get the coverage they need at a price they can afford. It is our vision to provide you with the tools and knowledge so that you have a competitive advantage by providing products, services, and the personalized relationships that customers value. For these reasons we have maintained a high retention rate when it comes to our client base while at the same time adding 26% in new business. In Texas, Standard Casualty Company, re-insures all business that it has written through Southern County Mutual by its managing general agent, Standard Insurance Agency, Inc. Call us today at 800-522-0146, or contact us to request more information about becoming an Agent.

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