SCC - What To Expect When You Insure With SCC

What To Expect When You Insure With SCC

This is what to expect when you do business with us.

Published Date: 2020-05-22

Shopping For Mobile Home Insurance?

Do you own a mobile home or are you in the market for a mobile home? Then mobile home insurance is going to be a must. Your home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. Often mobile homes are a first or last big investment in the housing market. Whether you are a first time buyer, long time owner, or looking forward to retirement, you need to protect your mobile home with the best mobile home insurance you can find, provided by a trusted, respected company. Many families have trusted Standard Casualty Company because we specialize in easy terms and fantastic coverage. We've been protecting families’ mobile homes from our Texas location for over 60 years. We offer options and services that no other mobile home insurance company does. We cover damage due to floods and earthquakes and require no credit checks. We offer low deductibles and tailor coverage to meet your needs. People aren't cookie cutter nor are homes, why should the coverage that protects them come as a one size fits all package?

Mobile Home Policy Coverages

Mobile home insurance policies cover manufactured housing, often referred to as trailer home insurance, manufactured home insurance, or factory-built home insurance. A good policy should cover the house, its contents (including personal belongings), adjacent structures, and should provide liability coverage that will protect you from accidental claims caused by negligence.
Our mobile home insurance policies are GREAT; they cover all those things plus coverages most companies avoid like flood and earthquake insurance. We can even add additional coverage like replacement cost on your home and your personal property. We find out what your needs are and tailor the policy to you.

We Specialize'll get your mobile home insurance from real people who care about your specific needs.

Since we know every mobile home and every situation is different, we specialize to get you the coverage you need, not the coverage some company wants you to have. Whether you're located in a mobile home park or on private property, Standard Casualty Company will customize your policy to get the coverage you need. No matter what you call it, a manufactured home, mobile home, double wide, or a trailer, it's your home and your property and you want it protected so you don't have to worry. That's been our specialty since 1961. You don't deal with automated machines; you'll get your mobile home insurance from real people who care about your specific needs.

Payment Options

Not only is our mobile home insurance affordable, but many convenient payment options are available. We offer full payment, escrowed, and installment plans. We can even spread your monthly payments over 9 months, or if you sign up for our Automatic Payment Program, you can extend your monthly payments over 12 months. We also accept credit and debit card payments, check and credit card by phone, electronic funds transfer, money orders, cash, checks, and on-line payments. We work with you to make the process easier. The payments are low and we don't require credit checks.
Learn more about our products and services or get an online quote. If you can't find the information you're looking for, call 1-800-522-0146 and talk to a real person.

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