SCC - Is Mobile Home Insurance Required?

Is Mobile Home Insurance Required?

Mortgage Companies and Mobile Home Parks often require it.

Published Date: 2020-08-21

Mobile home Insurance is not required by law, but many Mortgage Companies and Mobile Home Communities and Parks often require the homeowner carries coverage on their home and personal liability coverage for trip and fall insurance.

Replacement Cost Value

Here at Standard, we recommend insuring your home at the Replacement Cost Value. This is the value for todays costs to buy a new manufactured or mobile home. Considering the average amount of fifty dollars per square foot your normal manufactured home is about seventy thousand dollars in coverage. We also recommend coverage for your personal property inside of the home, and any other structures used for storage. Replacement Cost insurance policies can be expensive, but not as expensive as a total loss without insurance coverage. This would be a large financial risk to take.

Do you need mobile home coverage?

We do recommend you cover your family and home in the event of a total loss or even a partial/small loss. Having Insurance Coverage on your mobile home can really help you and your family be protected from storms, hail, wind, and fire. The point of insurance is to help you get to where you are right now in the event of a loss.

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