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Is Mobile Home Insurance Worth It

Helping families recover from disaster

Published Date: 2020-08-21

Mobile home insurance or manufactured home insurance is a lot like homeowners’ insurance. This type of insurance would help you recover in the event of damage or a total loss to your home. It is not required by law that you carry it, but it could protect your family and your home from major financial loss.

Mobile Home Insurance calculator and quote

Do you need mobile home insurance?

Some Mortgage companies and manufactured home parks will require that you have it. We recommend that you insure your mobile home even if you don’t have a loan or are located in a park. This could help you in the event of Storm damage, Fire, Hail,  and in some cases Flooding!

What coverage amounts do you need?

Your average cost in the US for a manufactured home is $85000.00 We recommend purchasing insurance to insure your home, personal effects, and other structures on the property. Most providers also offer personal liability coverage in the event someone gets injured on your property and tries to sue you.
Here at Standard Casualty Company we know it is worth having Insurance Coverage on your new or used manufactured, modular, or Park Model home. Just read our Reviews online and see for yourself.

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