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Why Sell Insurance

Here are six reasons why you should sell our manufactured home insurance:


  1. The customer must get insurance somewhere. If there is a lien on the manufactured home, the lender will require insurance. This is a major purchase, which requires maximum protection.

  2. This insurance has minimal underwriting. If the customer goes to another company, they may not insure the manufactured home until it is set up, skirted and approved by their underwriting department. This can delay funding the loan.

  3. This insurance program is specifically designed for manufactured homes. We provide flood insurance and natural disaster coverage. Most of our insurance competitors do not write flood coverage and natural disaster coverage as part of their standard policy. As many lenders require natural disaster coverage, this could delay funding. Remember, our policy meets the lender's requirements.

  4. You and your company lose commission dollars when the customer goes elsewhere to purchase insurance coverage.

  5. Many insurance competitors are in and out of the insurance market. Once they have a certain amount of exposure in a given county, park or zip code, they often stop writing new business. Also, once the home gets older they often will not write the risk.

  6. Most lenders will finance the first year's premium.


Remember the Mobilowners Insurance Program you offer through your dealership is specifically designed for the modern-day manufactured homeowner. We offer comprehensive coverage for all homes, including adjacent structures, replacement cost and personal effects. The rates are very competitive for the coverage offered.

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